Services We Offer


When you get to the point where you realize you need a custom made equipment for your application, it is time to contact us. We develop your idea and we give the right solution for your need.

Starting from your sketch and your idea, we can grow it validate our design with 3D drawings. Our well prepared engineers will make you ideas reality, not only by calculations and design, but also offering assistance and guidance.

Together we make your idea come true and have the right product for your application.


We manufacture components and whole systems depending on your needs. Whether you need simple parts such as seals or more sophisticated systems we have the ability to manufacture them.

In our workshops we produce: seals, crimped hoses from low to ultra high pressure, custom made hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders, test benches, system, machine tools and many other on-request items.

It doesn’t matter the quantity of your request, our production capabilities start from single pieces to serial production.

reparatii hidraulice


Any stop of the production activity can cause material and financial losses for your business. In order to avoid the growth of these losses urgent actions are required.
Whether we speak about factories, production lines or utility machines we have the technology to get the back on track. We also provide you on-site repairing services in factories or product lines.
Stop loosing money by acting quick and efficient, our teams are ready to help you!


When you are on a schedule any downtime can be really stressful. In order to fulfill your production plans we recommend you to prevent any possible stops caused by breakdowns.
Prevention means planning ahead and avoiding losses.  Periodic maintenance is the key for avoiding breakdowns and stopping you worries.
Call us, together we can arrange your maintenance schedule based on your applications needs.


For processing the raw material, no downtime must be assured. Standard hydraulic components for this systems can be delivered by us in short time.

Featured products:

  • Hydraulic Pumps and Motors
  • Custom Made Cylinders and Seals
  • Tubes and Fittings, Quick-Couplings, Hoses and Fittings
  • Industrial Hoses and Fittings for Transporting Abrasive Materials
  • Pneumatic components
  • Bolting Tools and Bearing Pullers
  • High Pressure Pump and Cylinder Sets