A complete range of instrumentation products and systems from low- up to ultra high pressures.

Tubes and Fittings

Optimized stock for quick delivery
  • Pressures up to 14.000 bar (200,000 psi)
  • Nominal diameter from ∅0,6 mm to ∅23,8 mm
  • Standard lengths between 6…8 m, other sizes on request

With several meters ofvarious sizes on stock, we can always deliver tubing for medium pressure (up to 1.379 bar / 20,000 psi) and high pressure (up to 4.136 bar / 60,000 psi) applications. Other sizes and types, such as low pressure (up to 1,034 bar / 15,000 psi) or ultra high pressure (up to 14.000 bar / 200,000 psi) tubing are available on request.

The offered standard high pressure tubes are made of cold-worked stainless steel but, on request we can also supply tubes made of other materials. Autofrettaged tubing and fittings are also available for pressure cycling applications.

Large variety of standard fittings for medium- and high pressure components are generally on stock, ensuring you a fast problem solving: glands, collars, plugs,  elbows, tees, crosses, union- and bulkhead couplings. On request, we can manufacture and test any component, manifold or system.

If needed, we offer all the necessary, dedicated tube fabricating equipment like: coning and threading tools and tube benders. And of course, we can cut the tubes to requested length, make the cone and thread and even bend it for you. Just ask for it!

Hoses and Fittings

Crimped in our workshop for the shortest delivery
  • Rubber and Thermoplastic hoses
  • Pressures up to 4.000 bar (60,000 psi)
  • Nominal diameter from ∅3 mm to ∅78 mm
  • Lengths up to 5.000 m  and more on special request
  • Special abrasion covers, thermal covers, spring guards and support and containment grips

Whether it is about waterblasting, pressure testing, bolt tensioning or just a high pressure industrial tool, we give you the right hose. With various sizes of rubber and thermoplastic hoses on stock, we deliver crimped and tested hose assembly with the standard fittings and accessories for your needs in couple of hours. High pressure? No problem. We can offer you hoses up to 4.000 bar working pressure. And yes, we test it in order to deliver only safe products.

For special needs we can offer special products like custom made fittings, subsea hoses or hoses for well services up to: ID ∅75 mm / 1.034 bar (size -48 / 15,000 psi).

We have our own test bench to test the crimped hoses but not only. We offer as a service our equipment to test also the customers products, whether it is about pressure test or burst test.
Or, we can build for you a hose testing system based on your needs, as a turnkey product.

Quick couplings

No Tools Needed for Fast Connect and Disconnect
  • Pressures from 700 bar (10.000 psi) up to 3.000 bar (43,500 psi)
  • High strength steel or stainless steel construction
  • Valved or unvalved construction
  • Wide range of end connections and seal material

Quick couplings intend to reduces the time to realize a connection and eliminate the need of using tools when connecting equipment, test units in the hydrotesting systems or water jet and water blast hoses. Some coupling are or can be equipped with lock mechanism to prevent accidental disconnecting. Many of these couplings offer high flow due to optimized valve design.

We also have the possibility to offer custom made quick couplings, based on the specific need of the customer.

Needle, Ball and Check Valves

Controlling Flow
  • Needle valves up to 14.000 bar (200,000 psi)
  • Ball valves up to 1.400 bar (20,000 psi)
  • Ball and O-ring check valves – all pressure ranges and sizes

Valves are one of key elements in any high pressure system. This is why we focus on offering valves with maximum reliability and safety. Almost all needle and ball valves can be equipped with actuators: pneumatic, hydraulic and electric and electronic (for the micrometric valve).

• Needle valves can be delivered in various configuration, based on size, body design, stem type, actuation type. For controlling precisely the flow, we offer micrometering valves with manual or electric actuation by integrated microprocessor.

• Ball valves include several construction types: 2-way, 3-way, 4-way with various orifice sizes, but also the double block & bleed type. On request we can offer subsea valves (and subsea hoses).

• Check valves are available in many variants and sizes, for all pressure ranges and nominal diameters, for various fluids and temperatures – even for aggressive media or small-molecule gas.

Together we can find the suitable valve for your application or if needed, we can design and produce the needed one based on your special needs.

Pressure Relief Valves and Safety Heads

Controlling Pressure
  • Pressure relief valves from 100 bar (1,500 psi) up to 5.170 bar (75,000 psi)
  • Rupture discs from 6,2 bar (90 psi) to 7.929 bar (115,000 psi)

• Pressure relief valves are designed to protect the system form pressure increase. They are used for liquids and gases and are offered in multiple construction types (metal seat or soft seat) with adjustable opening in defined ranges. For the safety of your application we deliver factory set, sealed and stamped. However, they are not suitable for continuous draining.

• Safety heads and rupture discs offer an economical and dependable relief port to guard against system over-pressure. they can be installed in any standard coupling.
Inconel is standard for the burst disc, but other materials are available, based on pressure, temperature and media.

High Pressure Filters

Clean Fluid Means High Lifetime
  • High pressure line filter up to 4.137 bar (60,000 psi)
  • High flow filter: 1.380 bar (20,000 psi); 95 l/min nominal flow

• High pressure filters protect your system and increase the lifetime of components. We offer dual-disc line filters and cup-type line filters, both with replaceable filtering elements.
Standard filter elements: 5 … 65 micron. Various connection types and sizes available, from 1/4″ to 1″.

• High flow filters ensure proper filtration for high flows and medium pressure applications, with 95 l/min nominal flow. Maximum 10,000 psi or 20,000 psi operating pressures.
Standard filter elements: 2 … 20 micron. Various connection types and sizes available, from 1/4″ to 1″. Visual end electrical indicator available.

Adapters, Couplings and Nipples

Connecting Anything
  •  Standard components up to 10.342 bar (150,000 psi), on request up to 14.000 bar (200,000 psi)
  • Various connection types: NPT, BSP, SAE, JIC, Single Ferrule, Medium Pressure Cone and Thread, High Pressure Cone and Thread, Reverse Cone, FCC, QS and MPI.

We offer a complete line of standard couplings, nipples, reducers and adapters, many of them from stock or with short delivery term, made from cold worked stainless steel or high strength steel. Specific materials are available on request.

We can design and manufacture special elements or manifolds to connect different types of connections and sizes in order to reduce the number of components used in the system. But remember, maximum pressure rating is based on the lowest rating of any component.


Connecting Anything
  •  Reduce the number of tubes and adapters, create common body for multiple valves
  • Various connection types: NPT, BSP, SAE, JIC, Single Ferrule, Medium Pressure Cone and Thread, High Pressure Cone and Thread, Reverse Cone, FCC, QS and MPI.

Specialty pressure manifolds minimize space requirements and reduce the installation time necessary to plumb a pressure system. By reducing the number of components used in a system,also the potential leak joints are reduced. We can design and build pressure manifolds to meet specific requirements, capable of withstanding pressures from vacuum to 6.895 bar (100,000 psi) in standard and up to 14.000 bar on special request, and are available in a variety of materials and sizes.

Various connection types and sizes can be incorporated, together with special needle valves. We have the right solution for you.

Pressure Gauges, Transducers and Thermocouples

Monitor Pressure and Temperature
  • Pressure gauges up to 4.000 bar from stock, up to 7.000 bar and higher on request
  • Pressure transducers up to 5.000 bar standard, up to 16.000 bar on request
  • Thermocouples up to 10.000 bar and 600 °C. Higher temperatures on request

• Pressure gauges are available for pressure ranges up to 7.000 bar in different sizes. For high/low limit setting, electrical contact faces can be added for pressure control. Liquid filing, back or bottom connection are options. We recommend panel mounting for higher pressures.

• Pressure snubbers are recommended to be used for protecting gauges and instrumentation from pressure surges, pulsations and shocks. This will not compromise instrument accuracy or reaction time. Snubbers are offered in 1/4″ and 3/8″ sizes.

• Pressure transducers can be inserted directly in standard high pressure components. With various pressure ratings, process connection options and output electrical signals, we can find the best transducer for your application. For simple usage, we can provide you pressure transducer with USB connection, from vacuum up to 5.000 bar – software included.

• Thermocouples provide reliable temperature measurement within a fluid system, permitting direct temperature monitoring at any point with rapid response time. Having standard connections, these elements can be inserted in any standard item like tee or cross, on in the pressure vessel.


Stocking Energy and Damping Pulsations
  •  From 5 bar up to 3.000 bar
  • Diameters from ∅50 up to ∅500 mm

Piston accumulators can be designed and built to your specified criteria and can therefore meet any space limitations you may have. Multiple material options available: such as Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex or Super Duplex and Aluminium. Metallic and elastomeric components can be chosen to respect most demanding chemical compatibility, environment conditions and temperatures.

As fluid and gas connections we offer NPT, BSP, SAE/ASME flanged or high pressure threaded and coned connection.

All accumulators will be in accordance with the PED 97/23/EC for use in Europe and designed to PD5500. Optional 3rd party witness available and other design codes can be considered, for example ASME.

Pressure Vessels and Autoclaves

Any Diameter, Any Length, Any Pressure
  • Pressure ranges up to 14.000 bar
  •  Flexibility in design

Pressure vessels or autoclaves are designed and manufactured exclusively based on the customers needs in all pressure ranges up to 14.000 bar (200,000 psi).

Vessels are available in several different materials and sizes, allowing them to be used at very high temperatures and pressures. Closure type, sealing system and process connections are designed by us according to the operating conditions (medium, temperature, etc.).

Pressure vessels can be used for chemical reactions, food pasteurization, downhole simulation, catalyst research and implosion and high collapse testing and others. Accessories like heaters, stirrers, shakers and other extensions are available on request.

Each vessel is subjected to a conformity assessment as described in the DGR/Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23 EC before commissioning. Other design codes e.g. ASME, are available.


Custom made static and dynamic seals
  •  From vacuum up to ultra high pressures
  • Diameters up ∅700 mm

Seals produced in our company on our own CNC machines based on our own designs can ensure static or dynamic sealing at ultra high pressures. Whether it is used in pressure intensifiers, high pressure chamber closures or test benches, we can offer the suitable seal. Various material and profiles are available based on working fluid, pressure, temperature and housing.

We can reproduce the majority of seals for any dimensions in short time, ensuring quick repair of your high pressure system.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Pressure Intensifiers

Generating Pressure
  • Up to 14.000 bar (200,000 psi) working pressure
  • Hydraulic Intensifiers up to 30 l volume displacement

Air driven liquid pumps / pneumatic powered pressure intensifier convert simple air pressure into high and ultra high liquid pressures by utilizing a large area piston on the air side to move a small area plunger and compressing the liquid into very high hydraulic pressures – up to 4.140 bar (60,000 psi) as standard, and as high as 14.000 bar on special request.

Actuated by compressed air (maximum 7 or 10 bar), the pressure delivered by the liquid side can be adjusted with a manual precision regulator or an automatic proportional pressure regulating valve. These pumps are suitable for explosion-proof system, not needing any electric power supply.

• Hydraulic powered pressure intensifiers can be used for liquids and gases in a continuous or discontinuous operation mode and are driven by hydraulic power unit. They convert hydraulic pressure (usually 210 bar or 350 bar) to high and ultra high liquid pressure, modifying the outlet pressure simply by varying hydraulic pressure. With flexibility in design we can deliver intensifiers with single or double high pressure heads, one or more units can be powered from the same hydraulic unit.
The structure of these intensifiers allow reliable operation and high lifetime, with simple maintenance and easy service.

Hand Pumps and Spindle Pumps

Generating Pressure
  • Hand pumps up to 2.800 bar (40,000 psi), spindle pumps up to 14.000 bar (200,000 psi)

• Hand pumps  are offered in single-speed or two-speed versions for faster filling, delivering pressure up to 2.800 bar. They are suitable for many testing applications and also to be used as an industrial tool, allowing easy, quick and effortless bearing and shaft dismounting. High strength steel construction is more economical option but stainless steel construction is also available.

• Hybrid liquid pumps (manual + air driven) are similar to air driven liquid pumps but they are equipped with hand lever to allow also manual acting. These pumps are mostly suitable for portable units, allowing automatic but also manual operation mode, or the combination of both. A perfect example is using pneumatic drive to fill and pressurize something and after achieving the set pressure, to rise pressure manually for a smoother control. These pumps offer maximum 860 bar or 2.200 bar.

• Spindle pumps are suitable for generating with high precision high static pressures (up to 14.000 bar) in small volumes, without a stick-slip effect. Robust construction offers high lifetime.
Spindle pumps are also available with an electric motor drive, with additional stepper motor or synchronous motor added. For precise control, each pump is equipped with a position sensor to indicate the position of the piston. With this construction a higher stroke volume can be achieved than with manually operated pumps. Corresponding electrical control provided on request.

High Pressure Systems

Pumping Units and Complete Systems
  • Portable pressure systems, Powerpacks and skid pumps
  • Custom made, turnkey systems

• Portable pressure systems allow moving your high pressure test stand anywhere. Our flexible design program allows multiple configuration, based on customers needs: from basic configuration (equipped with manual pump and hand valves, pressure gauges – not needing any source of energy at all) up to more advanced design, including data loggers, proportional pressure control valves, and air actuated high pressure valves. All contained in stainless steel or aluminum frame, offering easy operation, mobility, safety and easy maintenance.

• Industrial high pressure systems are perfectly matched to the customers application. Assembling mechanic, electric, electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic and high pressure components from our product portfolio, we can cover your needs, delivering complete systems like hot- and cold isostatic presses, burst test systems, pressure testing units, high collapse systems, pulse testing systems, autofrettage units operations and homogenization systems, high pressure processing equipment and pumping units.

We offer our systems as a complete product including assembly, acceptance testing and maintenance.

Complete Instrumentation Product Range

The Right Material for Corrosion Control
  • Tubes and Fittings, Valves and Manifolds
  • Single or Double Ferrulle and Permanent Compression Fittings

The correct choice of tube and fitting material can guaranty the safe operation and high lifetime of the system. We can help you find the best solution for your application, considering material compatibility with the media, operating temperatures and pressures.

With several meters of various sizes on stock, we can always deliver precision tubing made of 316/316L stainless steel. Beside standard (brass, carbon steel, 316/316L), exotic materials are also available on special order: Duplex, Super Duplex, Super austenitic 6Mo, Monel 400, Alloy 825, Alloy 625, Alloy C-276 and Titanium.

A large variety of double ferrule instrument compression fittings are available on stock or with short delivery term: adapters, fittings, nipples, elbows, tees, crosses. Ball and Needle Valves can be equipped with different types of actuation systems: manual, electric or pneumatic, based on customers request. Also, materials (including seals) can be changed to adapt the valve to a specific application.

If needed, we offer all the necessary, dedicated tube fabricating equipment like: tube benders, cutting and deburring tools, sealants and gauges.